Here Are 3 Good Ways To Use Alaska Miles If You Live In Seattle

Everybody wants to know the “best use” of their miles, which is sort of like wanting to know the “best use” of their money. There is no best use. But there are some better deals than others.

Most travels blogs will tell you to use your miles for first- and business-class tickets, since those provide the most $/mile “value,” but they also require hundreds of thousands of miles and lots of time searching for availability. If you’re planning a crazy honeymoon splurge, save your miles for premium seats. If you’re a normal human, use them for economy fares.

You’ve got scads of good options for using your Alaska miles out of Seattle. To keep things simple, here are 3 of ’em.  Continue reading

Review: The Andaz San Diego (And Its Golden Bathroom Duck)

Does anything curdle your blood more than hearing that a giant multinational corporation is trying to “attract young people”? It summons to mind Toyota’s Scion cars, Comcast’s Seeso streaming service, and Poochie. 

So it’s surprising that Hyatt’s hotel chain aimed at attracting young travelers — the Andaz Hotels — don’t suck. In fact, they’re my favorite hotels on the planet.

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Here are three good ways to use your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

You’ve got a steaming heap of Chase Ultimate Rewards Points sitting in your account. You know they’re great. You know you can use them in tons of different ways.

But the options seem overwhelming. And you want to get as much value from them as possible. Ack.

Fear not. I’ve got three great, simple options for using your points to help you overcome the paradox of choice and start traveling.

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