Does anything curdle your blood more than hearing that a giant multinational corporation is trying to “attract young people”? It summons to mind Toyota’s Scion cars, Comcast’s Seeso streaming service, and Poochie. 

So it’s surprising that Hyatt’s hotel chain aimed at attracting young travelers — the Andaz Hotels — don’t suck. In fact, they’re my favorite hotels on the planet.

Last weekend I stayed at the Andaz San Diego, situated in the douchy-but-charming Gaslamp Quarter, and my 18-35-year-old values were pandered to expertly. I lodged in the hotel’s fancy-ass “Sweet Suite” (usually $500-$1000/night compared to $200-$350 for standard King rooms), which featured a spectacular steam room shower and a giant golden bathroom duck:

Behold the duck

What does one do with a giant golden bathroom duck, you ask?

You ride it — doy

The suite was “ridic” as the youth say. Here’s a painting with boobies: 

Exposed brick AND pineapples? So on trend

And the pill-popping coasters, which would have been too on the nose if they weren’t also beautiful: 

Hope those disembodied lips know what they’re getting into with a dose like that

As you’d expect in any self-respecting San Diego establishment, the Andaz has a rooftop pool for guests with an adjacent bar open to the public. In my brief stay I witnessed three separate DJs “spinning” on this roof, including one at brunch (the official meal of my wayward generation). 

Small but free of children
Eggs benny in the sky

Hotel reviews always talk about the lobby. I’m not totally sure why. It was nice, and there was local beer on tap: 

I think it was free. I hope it was free 😰

The fitness room was top-notch for a hotel of its size, though I didn’t photograph it for fear of creeping the exercisers out. 

Room and lobby service was excellent though the rooftop bar servers were a bit checked out. In their defense, I imagine the steady flow of San Diego bros and deep-house bass would have this effect on most.  

If you’re looking to splurge on a high-end hotel in San Diego, I (obviously) recommend the Andaz. And if you want to get a little Travel Nerdy, you could always: 

  • Use 20,000 Hyatt points per night for a King room
  • Transfer 20,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt and do the same
  • Use your 2 free nights from the Hyatt Card (though there are redemptions that will get you “more value” if you care)

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