You’ve got a steaming heap of Chase Ultimate Rewards Points sitting in your account. You know they’re great. You know you can use them in tons of different ways.

But the options seem overwhelming. And you want to get as much value from them as possible. Ack.

Fear not. I’ve got three great, simple options for using your points to help you overcome the paradox of choice and start traveling.

Option 1: Stay at a fucking Andaz 

The Andaz is a concept hotel chain from Hyatt, and it’s excellent. I stayed at the Andaz Maui (the big picture up top) and fell in love even though I’m not a resort guy.

You can transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to the Hyatt at a 1:1 ratio and stay at their Category 6 hotels for 25,000 points a night, compared to the $350-$600 you might pay for them out of pocket.

Option 2: Fly to Hawaii from the West Coast

This one’s a bit counter-intuitive: You actually transfer points to British Airways and then book a flight on their partners — Alaska and American — between major West Coast cities (including Phoenix) and Hawaii. Each ticket runs 25,000 miles in economy.

These flights are usually pricey ($500-$800) and rarely on sale, so it’s a good bang for the Ultimate Reward buck.

Option 3: Book flights directly through Chase

If transferring points and looking up award availability sounds like a pain, make it easy on yourself and book flights through the Chase Travel Portal. Points earned from the Sapphire Preferred card are worth 1.25 cents apiece and points earned from the Sapphire Reserve are worth 1.5 cents apiece, which ain’t bad at all.

In fact, if you find a great flight deal (through MyTravelNerd of course), booking directly through Chase can be an excellent use of points. Plus it’s super simple — just plug your destination and dates into the travel portal and book it.

Nerd Tip: Flights booked this way earn you frequent flyer miles and elite-qualifying miles (to get status). Awards tickets (like Option 2) do not.


That’s it — go book something with that trove of points already.

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2 thoughts on “Here are three good ways to use your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

  1. I recently booked a flight to Paris and from Berlin through Chase’s booking feature using my Sapphire Reserve points. I got the card in March and am amazed I already had enough points racked up to do this. I can’t imagine this kind of crazy points giveaway (resulting from credit card company arms race?) can last forever, but might as well take advantage of it while we can, right?! Also, I find your website much more readable, funny and well-targeted than most travel sites of this kind. There’s an online travel writing style that I find to be pretty boring, so this is a nice departure (pun not intended).

    1. Thanks Elaine!! Yes, it does feel like a credit card points/rewards bubble right now, but we might as well live it up until it pops. That Sapphire Reserve deal was the best one yet. Have you signed up for Priority Pass yet to get lounge access?

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